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What’s so special about celebrity sex tapes?

June 18, 2010

Hello again and welcome to the miniblog! What all of us really like about celebs? Don’t think their beauty – or their play in some of the latest blockbusters – or their popsy stupid songs they have to sing to make little pocket money – NO nono – we like their flaws, scandals, nudes, gossips and of course celebrity sex tapes – something really makes those nasty things look nice if it is a celebrity who is being actually “promoted” to make more money.
If in the 80’s celebrities were really afraid of this kind of success – now its all changed – o tempora o mores – its normal nowadays to make a tape and just sell it – ha ha ha – what can one say more..


The birth of a miniblog

June 18, 2010
celebrity pirateHey there whoever is reading the post – it is a starting of a new gossip and scandal mini blog – the idea happens to be pretty interesting – so you wont need much time to spend reading – cause the point is to minimize the quantity of content and to maximize the quality – as much as it is possible in the celebrity i-world

so welcome and enjoy